Sexual and Gender Based Violence, SRHR and PMTCT Training.

There has never been an end to knowledge and with the support of AYARHEP we were able to have 30 girls trained on Sexual and Gender Based Violence towards our upcoming march during the 16 days of activism.

Together with SRHR information, our girls feel equipped to handle the new arising issues in our community that at times may makes ignore or disassociate since they have no knowledge of how to handle them. Like would you be friends with a young woman who is a sex worker or a lesbian or young man who has sex with men or is gay? How would you feel and what would you do if they came to you and told you they were raped or their rights to health were denied? Would you think they deserve it because of who they are or would you do something about it? These were the hard questions we were gobbling because we all as girls and young women in all of our diversity deserve the best of services and in short rights as everyone else.

If you tested positive when you were pregnant what would you do? Would you share with your partner? What do you feel would be your partners reaction? As a HIV positive woman, did you get through the full PMTCT Package or is it on going? Do you feel something or anything could be done better? By the end of this day long training, the young women had more answers than they had questions and it all came from them with a little guidance from the facilitators of the day.

We all can be change makers, it starts with you!









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