Mentor A Young Leader Project in East and Southern Africa – ESA Region- The Kenyan Story.

The beginning of this year we partnered with CYSRA Uganda for a project to mentor upcoming young leaders in the HIV response together with other six organisations in six different countries. We had Rwanda, Uganda, Swaziland, Malawi, Tanzania, Burundi and us as Kenya focal organisation. This project is as response to the political declaration in 2016 of having the most affected communities being on the front line towards 2030 goals of eliminating AIDS and shifting from board rooms to communities where all the action is taking place.

With the support of East and Southern Africa UNAIDS Regional office, we have been able to reach young women who are upcoming leaders, handing them the tools and opening doors to opportunities for them to clearly speak what it is they want and how to go about it. We hope more organisations will head the call and give us the funding as community based organisations to implement, we no longer want to hear the stories of us lacking capacity. We are the community, we know what happens where, how and why and are able to deliver with little, we can also deliver with a lot more. We are Ready!


Stay tuned for more!



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