Good Deeds Day!

On 15th of April, we joined millions of people all over the world to mark the Good Deeds Day our usual style. If you have not heard about this phenomenal day just know it is a day where the whole world comes together to do something great that would bring a smile to someone. You can choose to do clean up your environment, visit a children’s home and maybe cook for them, give them gifts, show them love or you can choose to give free hugs to people on the streets. Whatever you do, it has to be good and have lots of love with.

Our good deed was coming together with other organisations and sharing our journeys together as well as inspiring others to keep going as we do good daily in our communities. We appreciate the Good Deeds Day organisation for the beautiful branded tshirts and coming with this one day where you have an excuse to open the door to someone or cook for a random person because hey! A lot of Good does exist in the world!

For more info on how to be part of this, head out to Good Deeds Org.

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