In the recent Kenyan elections of CSOs for representatives of PLHIV communities to the Kenya Coordinating Mechanism(KCM  )  we were privileged to have our Founder and Team Leader Lucy Wanjiku Njenga elected as an alternate member for the PLHIV community. Nelson Otwoma, Director of NEPHAK (LINK)took the role of Board member to continue with his representation She has been going through capacity building and mentorship from Maurine Murenga (HER BIO) of Lean On Me Foundation that also sponsored her contest. We need more leaders to take up mentorship for the emerging leaders this too forms sustainability.

We believe this an opportunity to encourage more young people to go for the different posts in the KCM and fight for these spaces. We can only be heard when we are at the decision table and this is the time to get on as many platforms as possible. This is the among the innovative ways of ensuring their is sustainable impact, investing in young people as leaders of today. It is a fact that young women especially in Sub-Saharan Africa are eight times more likely to be living with HIV than their male counterparts. It only shows reasons why we need more girls and young women taking up leadership roles and having the support of everyone around them to clearly bring out the gaps and challenges that they encounter in their daily lives in all their diversities. For more details on this visit HERE

Her advocacy will be on more meaningful involvement of women in the Global Fund processes while building their capacities for full engagement and for greater funds to be channeled to civil societies implementation as well articulated HERE.


By Lucy Wanjiku Njenga


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