#HearMeToo! The Ongoing Crackdown on LGBTIQ


There is an ongoing human hunt of LGBTIQ persons in the community by “undercover cop Hessy wa Dandora”. The said person has issued threats against the gay community saying he will expose clubs frequented by the LGBTIQ  persons. There is also an ongoing shake down of queer persons in Dandora by the said person. This is a THREAT against HUMANITY where by LGBITQ persons are fearing for their lives. Areas like Dandora and Eastland’s in general are NOT SAFE and social places in Nairobi CBD.

LGBTIQ community has a right to live safely and operate safely in this country. As Positive Young Women Voices our core mandate is seeing a society where young women and girls attain social growth among others. We’d like to know in which capacity does the said undercover cop “Hessy wa Dandora” is acting in exposing queer persons and why?

In Mombasa on Saturday a non-governmental organization that protects sexual minorities at the coast was raided and two of their staff were arrested. These hostilities are targeted in silencing the minority groups in our society and we need to speak up because they are humans too that have rights to live, rights to express themselves and rights to access social places like other heterosexuals do without prejudice and discrimination of any kind.

The broader view of this is that this means less or no access to medication and treatment to LBTIQ persons living with HIV, an increase of stigma among the community and discrimination.  The alleged reasons of gay crack down are the report given by police of “youth recruitment to join the community”.

Sexuality CANNOT be recruit-able. If you are gay, you are just gay.  If you are straight, you are just straight. There is continual ignorance, naivety and less knowledge dissemination of information about key population to grassroots communities. On the on-going social media posts and screenshots there is a clear indication of Homophobia. The safety of LGBTIQ community is currently under siege and organizations that work with minority groups in this country.  Stand with us! Is all we ask! Hear us too!




Fahe Kerubo